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After painting

2 x component epoxy based polyurethane laquer

Service, maintenance & security of your boat

Caretaker services - à la carte!

Details :

During your absence :

Verification of mooring lines

Full washing of deck & huyll, teak treatment

Interior cleaning of all soft furnishings, floors and sanitary fixtures, galley etc.

Before your arrival : Cleaning inside & out, Connection to electricity point and verification of batteries and electrical appliances including fridge.

After your departure : Collection, sorting and cleaning of linen & towels

Supplementary services offered :

Fueling, victuelling the boat, convoyage of a vehicule or arranging transportation for you, 

Indoor and outdoor maintenance:

Cleaning, polishing, painting, polyester repairs, organizes fairings, antifouling preparation, osmosis treatment, balancing, free-riding. Repair keel seal, stripping interior decoration, hulls, degumming. Painting area,

repair, repair, maintenance, engine service: Outboard and diesel inboard. All marks. Lubrication and Drainage, wintering engines and wintering pre-season.

Electricity & electronics:

Installation, modification and repair, Rigging, deck fitting, Maintenance, repair, electricity Mechanics (maintenance, tuning), replacement, deck equipment settings (windlasses, winches, etc.) WC, Sanitary fittings, GRP & polyester, cleaning, Control of equipment (life vests, life rafts etc), Soft furnishings (curtains, etc.) deck equipment, (Biminis’s) , Security and surveillance. Contact us for any further information.


Adresse email*



Quai Elie Amouroux



06 58 00 49 06


Mon-Fri : 9h - 18h

Sat : 9h - 13h

Sun : Closed

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